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John Misustin | Leadership Values and Vision

With over eleven years of experience I have a solid foundation developed as the person and leader I am.  However, I am continuously seeking feedback and opportunities for growth in my personal leadership capacity.

I value and understand the importance of consistent, clear communication. While I love technology it is never a replacement for face to face communication, when necessary. Clear, concise, frequent and accurate communication to all stakeholders helps to foster a positive culture and learning environment.


Many voices and points of view are more powerful than one. I value a structured collaborative process that includes the input of many with varied backgrounds, experience and points of view.  Any collaborative process that I lead I will make every effort to ensure it is focused on the students. 

Trust & Respect

I respect the hard work of my fellow educators and support staff.  I understand that they are more than an employee and I value and respect them as people first.  I work hard to build trusting professional relationships with colleagues on all levels focusing on what we can do to help serve our students at the highest levels. 

Trust and Respect

I believe that as a leader it is my role to serve.  It is my desire and heart to serve the teachers, support staff, students and families that I have the opportunity to work with.  As an instructional and school leader I strive to ensure that those around me are supported and provided with the skills and tools necessary to find success. 

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