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About John Misustin

John Misustin is an instructional leader and school administrator from Orange County, California.  He believes that all students can learn at high levels if provided with differentiation and appropriate levels of support. He understands the challenges that face professional educators today and works relentlessly to serve, support and build capacity with them.  John is an advocate of true 21st century learning and believes it is necessary for schools and educators to focus on adapting to the needs of today's students; rather than spending time trying to get students to adapt to a system that was not built for the information age. John has over eleven years of experience in education and has been a full time school leader for seven.  Over those eleven years he has had the opportunity to serve in multiple roles which have helped to shape and solidify his leadership values, vision and style. John believes that in order to be a true leader one must serve those he leads and he works hard to ensure that he serves and supports his colleagues. 

"A leader’s most powerful ally is his or her own example."

John Wooden

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