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John Misustin - Professional History&  Experience

John Misustin has had the opportunity to serve many different students, families, communities and educators over the past eleven years.  Each of these experiences has helped John develop his personal leadership values and vision. While it has not always been easy John can confidently states that each and every day he had the same exact purpose; Do everything possible to help students and support their success.

Capistrano Valley High School - Assistant Principal of Guidance 2015 - Present

  • Plan, develop and implement comprehensive guidance program vision

  • Plan and facilitate comprehensive academic master scheduling building process.

  • Design and send weekly guidance update out to students, families and communities.

  • Design and update guidance website and CVHS site homepage.

  • Lead comprehensive guidance program personnel

  • Oversee and evaluate certificated instructional and classified employees.

  • Oversee implementation of Special Education instructional program including classroom instruction, staffing, and fiscal management.

  • Analyze site wide benchmark and California state testing data to evaluate instructional   programs.

  • Coordinate and implement California state testing site-wide.

CUSD 9-12 Guidance Plan Committee Chair

CUSD 6-12 Guidance Plan Committee Co-Chair

CUSD High School Course Catalog Author

CUSD Physical Education Department Oversight

CUSD Professional Learning Committee Member

Mission Viejo High School - Director of Student Activities - 2014 - 2015

  • Lead and manage instructional programs within the science and physical education departments

  • Plan, monitor and manage the student body budget of over $500,000

  • Manage the school master calendar including all athletic, curricular, and co-curricular activities.

  • Help facilitate and implement the school site and district vision

  • Plan all school activities including graduation, dances, assemblies, red ribbon week, philanthropy, community service, and pep rallies.

  • Coordinate and implement California State Testing site-wide.

  • Manage the operation of the student store

Santa Monica  - House Principal 2014

Antelope Valley Union High School District - Assistant Principal  - 2012 - 2014

  • Create and oversee school site academic master schedule

  • Manage, implement, and oversee site based assessment program including Federal and State mandated tests.

  • Observe and evaluate certificated and classified employees.

  • Collaborate with key stakeholders to plan and implement site based professional development plan.

  • Plan, implement, and oversee WASC accreditation process and visit.

  • Implement student behavior management system

  • Manage site based academic programs and curriculum

  • Oversee implementation of Special Education instructional program including classroom instruction, staffing, and fiscal management.

Antelope Valley Union High School District - Vice Principal - 2010 - 2012

  • Manage and oversee school based athletic programs.

  • Create, implement and monitor athletic program budget.

  • Oversee implementation of Special Education  instructional program including classroom instruction, staffing, and fiscal management.

  • Observe and evaluate instructional and classified staff.

  • Create and implement master schedule for Special Education   instructional programs.

  • Analyze site wide benchmark and California state testing data to evaluate instructional programs as well as school progress

  • towards Annual Yearly Progress, Annual Performance Index, and

  • Annual Measurable Objectives.

  • Oversee site alternative placement and independent study instructional programs including evaluating all applications.

  • Implemented targeted CAHSEE program and

  • Plan and develop site based professional development for instructional staff.

  • Assist with site based California State testing program.

  • Manage student supervision issues and enforce school behavioral expectations.

Antelope Valley Union High School District - 2006 - 2010

Teacher, AVID coordinator, Gang Violence Suppression Grant Coordinator, CAHSEE Support & Testing Coordinator

  • Created, implemented, and managed targeted support program for "at risk" students resulting in 91% passing rate and proficiency rate of 64% on the California High School Exit Exam.

  • Coordinated intensive, site-based CAHSEE interventions for identified students.

  • Monitor student performance on site based intervention programs for the California High School Exit Exam.

  • Analyzed student level data and identified priority areas for student intervention and coordinated improvement.

  • Maintained site conditions that guarantee the continued implementation of AVID program components according to the AVID Methodologies.

  • Participated in the implementation and evaluation of the AVID Site Team process for student selection, student exit and enrollment in Advanced, Honors and AP courses to ensure adherence to AVID standards.

  • Visit and observe classrooms, making suggestions, doing demonstration lessons and tutorials; and engages in instructional based dialogue about the implementation of the AVID curriculum and methodologies.

  • Planned and conducted site wide professional development of AVID strategies for instructional staff

  • Managed student supervision issues and enforce school behavioral expectations.

  • Served as a resource to staff on classroom management issues.

  • Assisted in development of  programs to promote positive student behavior as well as intervention strategies.

  • Organized and conducted weekly attendance contract meetings to improve student attendance and decrease absenteeism.

  • Planned, and oversaw implementation of 2007 Knight High School “Teen Summit” for over 2,000 students.

  • Facilitated and mediated meetings between teachers, students, and parents.

  • Analyzed and disaggregated CST data to determine areas of strength and deficiencies within English Language Arts.

  • Lead group of stakeholders through the process of creating and implementing a multi-year Literacy Improvement framework and plan.

  • Oversaw $65,000.00 annual budget for education component of GVS grant.

  • Liaisoned with LA County Sheriff Department’s OSS Gang Unit

  • Met monthly with OSS Gang Unit detectives, district attorney, and various organizations to get updates about gang

  • activity/suppression in the Antelope Valley.

  • Created and implemented adult mentor program across comprehensive AVUHSD campuses.

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